The Mask Part III: The Predator


In our second week, we were invited by our course tutor to join with another student and collaborate together and produce a sequence of themed images.  Angela Jarvis and I worked together on the theme of creating a presence by using long exposure photography.  With very little perceived time to work with, we quickly discussed the concept of a presence, a phantom following the subject.  If indeed they are two separate entities.

We worked together just outside college to produce the images using both our cameras.

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An End, a Beginning, and ‘Rage Against the Dying Light’


Tonight marks the end of a photography course I’ve undertaken in the past few months in which, I’ve met some wonderful people and developed my knowledge and skills further.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

What happens now? Who knows, I will keep going, and hope to continue to find interesting concepts and entertaining scenes to photograph.  Since beginning this project in January 2013, readership has grown from 0 to just under 200 people and I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for subscribing and viewing these images.

It’s been fun taking them, you can expect it to continue, and stay tuned for an important update in the next few days.  In the meantime, here’s an image of last night’s sunset. “Rage Against the Dying Light”

The Eleventh Hour Exhibition open now!


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