Uni Reading List (Photography & Video)

The 7 (out of 85) books I already own.

Last week, during my Uni interview, I asked for the reading list in advance and they provided.

There’s 85 books in total, 7 I already have and 3 which I can’t find.  I’ve made a public Amazon list so anyone interested can see what’s ahead or use the list for photo and video book recommendations.  Notwithstanding, the library should have most, if not all of these titles.

I’m not the best reader, and I suspect it will take a long time to get through them.  I should learn learn to read faster and find a logical order for them so knowledge can build progressively.

Soaking in Knowledge


Inspired by an idea to dramatically showcase personality though portraiture I would like to introduce “Soaking in Knowledge”.

Soaking in Knowledge is inspired by “Book Bath”, by photographer Zoe Van-de-Velde

More photo’s from this shoot are coming soon, stay tuned for updates over the weekend!

Update: 14/04/13

Other photo’s from this shoot are online at: http://www.tomrobson.com

See also, “Quintessential Portraits I: Gala