The Eleventh Hour

I would like to present “The Eleventh Hour Exhibition” which is held between 6th June to 28th June 2013 at Flint Hall, Belvoir Street, Leicester.

The work is a celebration of the projects and achievements of the Award in Photography Artists as their qualifications are achieved and I am delighted to have attained the grade of distinction for my work.

The artist’s work on display contains a diverse range of photographic genres including portrait, self portrait, street, documentary, still life, conceptual, art photography and landscape. The artists also use a wide variety of techniques both in camera and through digital manipulation to produce the work.

Our teacher, Zoe Van-De-Velde has said “There was no intention to just teach students how to use their camera and to ask them to take the standard shots. Their work should, though their creative process be a reflection of them. By this method the students could, over the time of the course become themselves though their images and ultimately forget their tutor’s existence.”

The Eleventh Hour, presented by the Award in Photography Artists is a free entry, open exhibition featuring creative works by Glyn Farman, Andy Howe, Angela Jarvis, Estelle Keeber, Ann Samuel Till, Gavin Whyman, Anne Woodman and myself. The exhibition website is:  A book to accompany the Exhibition is available at

Zoe Van-De-Velde has said of my contribution: “Robson’s innate sense of how to create a conceptual piece has led him to experiment with weightier subjects such as Father which rearranges the Dylan Thomas villanelle Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night and uses old Polaroids set against a backdrop of a drunkenness and despair. In Yellow Walls, Robson explores depression and anxiety through a series of shots that give the viewer a feeling of claustrophobia”.

Unpublished works by myself, on display at the Exhibition include “This is My Suburb”*, The Ribbon, Man3 and Self Harm. (*Published after this post)

I do hope you are able to attend, should you live or work in this area. Samples of my work can be seen at my portfolio: If you have a project and feel my style is suitable for your needs, please contact me.  Selected artworks are available to purchase and I am available for hire.