Moving on, (come with me)! & Thank You!



Hi gang!

This is a post especially for the people who follow me, or subscribe by email.  You see, I’m moving and to carry on with posts you need to follow at the new website.

Firstly,  a BIG THANK YOU!  it’s nice to see likes and thank you to everyone who reads this stuff and enjoys the photographs.

I seem to have photo’s in lots of places, deviantArt, Google +, Twitter etc.. and I’d like a place to create my own galleries, in a style I prefer while still posting to the blog at the same site.  So I’ve done it!

The new website is simply: “” (the new blog is

I’m still selecting images for the galleries and I anticipate change over the next few days, it’ll be fun to collect photographs from the past few years and  share them.  I’ll be  adding unseen photographs into the mix too!  I’m planning  to write more about photography, in all aspects of its utility while creating dark and beautiful representations of our world.

I’d love to know what you think about  it, so pay it  a visit and subscribe over there too if you’re inclined.  (I’m on twitter @Durrson too it’s not all photo’s over there though(!) – It’ll be nice to ‘meet’ some of you!

So again, thanks for the follows, and let’s keep making interesting photographs!

A New Year Resolution


Since beginning a photography course I’ve started taking my camera out with me everywhere and experimented with it, and it’s settings to change the scene around me and capture photo’s with a little more thought, and sometimes, thematic images. I’ve taken pictures of daily life, work functions, Christmas with the people I love (don’t we all), underground walkways, smoke, I’ve even got a picture of the International Space Station as it orbits, 200 miles high, in space! Some are published, others are kept private.

When I show pictures to people, they like them. These are my friends, the people who are supposed to say my photos are great and even though I don’t see it, I want to trust that they are being honest, and critique without bias. When I ask them to do so, they answer honestly that they enjoy the imagery I produce. To this end, it’s time to identify myself as an amateur photographer, and begin to establish portfolios.

I’d like to use the strengths of on-line communities to my advantage while freeing up my blog and twitter for other purposes. To do this, this site was introduced a photo-specific blog: Tom Robson Photography.  Google+ will be used to look for and share photography articles. Inspiration for new photos can be found anywhere on the net, and it’s difficult to store them on a single computer or device so Tumblr is used to find and bookmark interesting images. Some of which, I hope to recreate as I find my own style.

The domain: points directly here, and links to other sites I use are above, or on my about page.  Why not subscribe, or follow me on the sites I use.

2013 is the year I became a photographer!