New Sketchbook

I’ve stopped writing about photography for a while and a birthday present has spurred me on to start up again.  The present was a book by Jürgen Teller, but that’s for another time.


My Sketchbooks from earlier courses.
My Sketchbooks from earlier courses.

It’s going to be much easier to write about photography because of the motivation, my next course starts soon (Level 3 in Photography).  My portfolio will change and I’m using the blog as a digital sketchbook, not just for original work, It’s easier to access than a paper book too 😉  So they’ll be short bursts from me alongside research links I’ve used, test shots, similar work etc..

In the last two years, I had an undeceive tendency toward my work and changed my mind several times before (sometimes during) the work & I’ve not been as busy as I’d like to be (see why here) so this year I’m avoiding that.  Three working titles so far are Music, Humiliation and Wake up to child abuse.

Music will combine praise/criticism for the #Selfie generation with abstract-portraiture and music with photography history.

Wake up to child abuse is a project I wanted to do a while ago (Pre Jimmy Savile) and after the child abuse cases over the past few years it won’t work because most people have already woken up to it.  It’s an important issue though and I’d like to do something conceptual with it.

Humiliation will be a fun project, but that’s a secret for now!