Thank You!

I knew I would use the summer months to focus on my photography career before I head back to Uni in October and what a journey it’s been! A lot of work over the past few weeks has finally come together resulting in a brand-new photography business ‘TJRFOTO’ (You may have seen me advertise it 😉)
Over the past few weeks, I built a new portfolio for professional work to sit separate to my my artist gallery, they are: and
The idea was to separate my commercial and creative sides which enables me to focus on setting up and running a photography business and already it’s starting to build from small beginnings
I’ve been working on product photography for a while bringing to life a digital store front for an Antiques Dealer, I have been the lead photographer for 3 photoshoots (one involving over 20 people) in both indoor and outdoor locations.
My first wedding shoot took place a few weeks ago, I was Estelle’s ‘second shooter’ and I’m excited to announce that I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow as the sole photographer. I’m a slightly nervous about it but I think the day will be a great one.
There’s more photography work on the horizon. Next week I’m shooting another wedding and during August, I’ll be working alongside other creatives filming awareness videos for three local charities in Leicester. Two book launch parties are in the pipe line and I’ve been asked to help with the design of a book cover. I’ve also been contacted by two families to arrange outdoor family photoshoots while we have this beautiful weather.
Although a lot of work has been put into getting set up, I couldn’t have done this without Estelle Estelle Delia Keeber or Piotr Hryniak, thank you both for your support, involvement and leads. To everyone else who has followed this photography journey and you know who you are – a big fat THANK YOU.
If you know anyone who needs photography or video services, please consider sharing this or recommending me to them, I’m offering 25% discount until the end of August 2018.More details available at
Thank you everyone for your support! 😊

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