Full Length Photography Documentaries

From Ren Hang’s Website (Photography 2016) (Words below from poem 2017)
I’m back
You still stand there
I’m back again
You still stand there

Do you find it difficult sometimes to share your love of photography when your friends and family don’t share your interest as much as you do?

How do you tell them that without photographs, the world would never see the struggles of marginalized people, perceived by the general populace as ugly, outcast or irrelevant?

When you can’t verbally speak comfortably about death, sex, mental health, drugs, sexuality and abuse, what comes to the rescue?

When you’re such a geek because the philosophy of photography interests you so much , see their eyes glaze over after 2 minutes when explaining jux between Ren Hang’s photographs and poems.

When you’re excited at the reasons behind why people are compelled to create and share photographs and are genuinely interested and surprised with other peoples work

When you know that photography can be used to answer and discuss so many questions while opening up a treasure trove of new questions and imagery sometimes never heard or seen before.

When you know you’re just different, in this kind of sense..

We take photographs, we read about photographs, we read about people taking and reading about photographs and we want to know and understand more about photographs. How very meta.

So take some time to yourself, put your book down and delve into these documentaries.  These videos highlight our interest, demonstrate why we enjoy what we do, explores the craftsmanship of some of the great photographers while showing how diverse our photography community is.

To stay up to date, this list will be continually updated – as of 13 August 2017, there’s 14 videos over 9 hours.

What video’s are missing? – Are they online? Why should we watch them? – Please let us know!

Ren Hang: The Art of Taboo

Gregory Crewdson’s Photography Capturing a Movie Frame

William Eggleston Documentary: In The Real World

The Many Lives of William Klein (2012)

Joel Meyerowitz 1981 Street Photography

“Reely and Truly” – A Film By Tyrone Lebon

A Day in The Life of Andy Warhol

Robert Mapplethorpe

Vile Bodies Part 1 – Naked



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