Photographs which should have been.


I bumped into someone today who I hadn’t seen in years, too many years in fact.  And you know how it goes, you have something to say to each other but there’s so much history to catch up on, you focus on the now.  What was done last week, where we’re going in the future and other pleasantries.

As I gazed into his eyes, I caught myself thinking about all those lost photographs which were never taken.  Snapshot photographs, styled photographs, candid photographs – all lost within an unwritten history impossible to infer.  History, on a personal level is our memory and events of what, where and when something happened.  Not unlike a photograph, which is a picture of what, where and when something happened.

Not that I’m sad nor remorseful.  I couldn’t be the person I am without that personal history yet as I think about those unwritten memories and the un-captured photographs which may have been there, I’m heartbroken for never seeing them.

The photographs which should have been.