Semblance III

No one is ever who they are, our outward appearance is a construct of fantasy. Preconceptions and appearances deceive and this is who we are, without our façade the real us, our inner beauty and innocence which we have deep inside. Semblance is more than an anti-portrait, it shows what we hide and what we hide from, even when we’re hiding from ourselves. Semblance is who we are when the mask is removed.

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Photography Exhibition: Finding Focus

Presenting, “Finding Focus” a photography exhibition” held between 20th June to 4th July 2014 at Flint Hall, Belvoir Street, Leicester.

The work is a celebration of the projects and achievements of the Award in Photography Artists as their qualifications are achieved.  The artist’s work on display contains a diverse range of photographic genres including portrait, self portrait, street, documentary, still life, conceptual, art photography and landscape. The artists also use a wide variety of techniques both in camera and through digital manipulation to produce the work.