Lil Fekaz into Photography..

My Lil Feka arrived today, a custom order from @Theonlytait on twitter.

Lil Fekaz are high quality, handmade, unique figures which add a talking point to any space.  The figures are brilliant, check out the facebook page to see the family of Fekaz or contact @Theonlytait if you have a custom order or a commission for him.

I requested a photographer a couple of days ago and this little dude arrived in the post today.  It’s excellent work and I’m over the moon! – Go visit his facebook page ( and order some for you and your mates!


The Mask Part III: The Predator


In our second week, we were invited by our course tutor to join with another student and collaborate together and produce a sequence of themed images.  Angela Jarvis and I worked together on the theme of creating a presence by using long exposure photography.  With very little perceived time to work with, we quickly discussed the concept of a presence, a phantom following the subject.  If indeed they are two separate entities.

We worked together just outside college to produce the images using both our cameras.

See also: The Mask Part I and The Mask Part II


The Passing of the Seasons…




Some Place-Else, by Tom Robson

Those who follow this wordpress will notice I’ve not posted for a while and I’m sorry.  I’ve been taking a break but I’m back and this year I’m jumping up a level to City & Guilds Award In Photography Level 2.  So please expect some new pictures and ideas soon.  I’ll make some time to write about how the course is going too.