This is My Suburb

Graffiti is sometimes recognised as a dirty form of street art, Indecipherable tags and secret codes are painted onto walls and most passers-by are immune to its messages.  Others are confused or angered by the visual intrusion into their daily commute.
Graffiti is seldom considered street art by many people, I don’t mind it, but I would not call graffiti, street art.  Perhaps because in my neighbourhood there is no street art, only graffiti.  The media centre on street artists, such as Robert Banks, or just Banksy. Banksy’s signature stencils of kissing coppers, flower-chucking terrorists and mischievous rats found on doorways and side streets have become so sought-after that they are being chipped out of walls and sold for ludicrous sums.  Like it or not, graffiti is part of our High Street.  It’s something we see daily, or share, or even participate in.
“This is My Suburb” is a quota of my neighbourhood, and counterpoints with the photographs taken for the “This is Our High Street” series. A set of photographs which display images of recession and decline from our High Street. they photographs highlight the bleakness of our economic downturn by presenting our decaying high street which we all share.
In my neighbourhood, there is no street art. No wonderfully inspired yet illegal murals or beautiful works art, spray painted by artists at after dusk. No political statements nor debates and no messages storming the traditional bastions of high culture.

These are simply photographs of tags and scribbles when collected together, demonstrates how our high street descends into the state of our neighbourhoods.

(This set exhibited at The Eleventh Hour Exhibition. The eight, original prints are available to purchase. Please contact me for information).

This is My Suburb 1, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb 2, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb 3, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb 4, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb 5, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb 6, by Tom Robson This is My Suburb, 7 by Tom Robson This is My Suburb, 8 by Tom Robson

The Eleventh Hour Exhibition open now!

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