A New Year Resolution


Since beginning a photography course I’ve started taking my camera out with me everywhere and experimented with it, and it’s settings to change the scene around me and capture photo’s with a little more thought, and sometimes, thematic images. I’ve taken pictures of daily life, work functions, Christmas with the people I love (don’t we all), underground walkways, smoke, I’ve even got a picture of the International Space Station as it orbits, 200 miles high, in space! Some are published, others are kept private.

When I show pictures to people, they like them. These are my friends, the people who are supposed to say my photos are great and even though I don’t see it, I want to trust that they are being honest, and critique without bias. When I ask them to do so, they answer honestly that they enjoy the imagery I produce. To this end, it’s time to identify myself as an amateur photographer, and begin to establish portfolios.

I’d like to use the strengths of on-line communities to my advantage while freeing up my blog and twitter for other purposes. To do this, this site was introduced a photo-specific blog: Tom Robson Photography.  Google+ will be used to look for and share photography articles. Inspiration for new photos can be found anywhere on the net, and it’s difficult to store them on a single computer or device so Tumblr is used to find and bookmark interesting images. Some of which, I hope to recreate as I find my own style.

The domain: www.tomrobson.com points directly here, and links to other sites I use are above, or on my about page.  Why not subscribe, or follow me on the sites I use.

2013 is the year I became a photographer!

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