Commuting Dittos






Leicester By Night, look at the light,
Captured for you, & for your delight.

Beams of light, racing Pluton,
Circling willfully, at Red Hill Tron.

Driving to comfort, a happier place,
Equal Opportunities & decisions to face.

Turn left, turn right, stop, wait GO!
Anticipating choice in my Peugeot.

Freedom to choose, freedom to move,
Freedom to speed & eat fast food.

People like you, commuting dittos,
People like me, taking photo’s.

Yellow Walls


02 A-Door

03 The-Bathroom

04 The-Kitchen-Sink

05 Desk

06 The-Washing

07 The-Window

08 The-Hallway

09 The-End

This flat
This attractive home
I love this building with its beautiful doors

With locks

I love this house with beautiful windows

And view

I love this room with it’s beautiful walls
Beautiful yellow walls!

Can’t work
Can’t write
Can’t play
Must rest

My friends say I must rest

They all say I must rest

So I rest in this room

(The room with the yellow walls)

Scrape, Claw, Scratch at the
Yellow walls